zondag 1 april 2012

Sophistiqué Noir monthly theme post: flowers

For lack of time, I'm not doing an outfit post for this theme or showing you what hairdos can be made using flowers (would have loved to do that!), but I'm only showing you a photograph of the clothes I have that have flowers on them. I really like flowers, but I always pair these items with something less sweet, like combat boots or lavish gothic jewellery.
From left to right:

-Purple skirt: Vive Maria
-Dress with tiny flowers: Vive Maria
-Dress with flowers: King Louie (I'm going to wear this one for Easter)
-Skirt with flowers and baroque print: King Louie
- Skirt in Spanish style: from the market place
- Skirt with English roses: King Louie
I also have a picture to share from a photoshoot that I did last year:
(Photograph: Inge Fienieg)

11 opmerkingen:

  1. hmm i really would like to see some of those in an outfit post in the future! lovely flower-patterns-and-shades on black! do me this favor?

  2. @Kakuidori: Haha, I certainly will! :)I wear flowers a lot, so they will certainly appear in some future outfit posts.

  3. woah..i'm soooo gonna buy floral prints dresses after this..love your outfits

  4. I'd steal you these two dresses! :)

  5. It would have been interesting to see those clothes in use because I'm sure they would look best that way. :) The photoshoot piece is very beautiful!

  6. Lots of flower dresses! You have a nice collection of them. Beautiful picture of you.

  7. Stunning, indeed! I love your floral dresses and skirts, especially the one on the left and the one on the right. Thanks for joining in this month! :)

  8. @Lady Of Gothica: so nice to hear that you've been inspired! :)
    @Magda: haha, the dresses are very nice indeed. They often have similar dresses on Ebay (both Vive Maria and King Louie). They're good quality, so I really recommend them.
    @Raphael: coming up! :)
    @Linnea-Maria & Lady Bethezda: Thank you very much! :)
    @Victrian Kitty: You're welcome, VictorianKitty! Your monthly themes are so much fun to join!

  9. Yes please do future outfit posts with these. I am one of those who tend to avoid flower prints in fabric. I notice that the skirts are all of a similar length and drape, and the cut of both the dresses is vaguely 1930's in style. Do you think this has some bearing on the wear-ability of a flower print in the goth aesthetic, or is it just more your personal taste? Come to think of it, I think VictorianKitty's outfit could also be interpreted as being in a 1930's vein. Hmm. I would love to see how you put these items together. I have no doubt it would provide excellent style inspiration!

  10. @Heatherphillips315: I think you have a point here, although I never gave it much thought before. Both dresses have a vintage look which is popular amongst many goths. I never buy just any piece of clothing with flowers on them, but really pay close attention to the cut and feel of the piece. Mostly flowers make me think of victorian times and this is how I usually wear my skirts: paired with a high-collar lace top and some contrasting combat boots. But the dresses are indeed more remniscent of a later time-period.
    I will try to make pictures of the outfit that I'll be wearing for Easter. I might have to tone the gothic aspect down a bit though, because my family is very critical and unfortunately not very accepting when it comes to goth. It will therefore be a real challange for me! We'll see what I can come up with. :)
    Today I posted an outfit with one of the flower skirts. It's a bit mild, but I hope it gives an impression of how to combine these items!