dinsdag 17 april 2012

Outfit post: cinema

On Friday the 13th I went to Amsterdam to see the The Cabin in the Woods with my friend Joyce (Beauty&Metal). I wanted to wear something comfortable that was also appropriate for an evening out. Also, I was eager to wear one of the items that I recently found at the thrift event. This is what I came up with:
  T-shirt: new shirt recently bought at threadless.com
    Skirt: gift from my boyfriend's mom (from thrift event)
 Cardigan: H&M
   Shoes: Dr.Martens
    Stockings: V&D
      Necklace: Claire's
Scarf: H&M winter discount
Jacket: Large Popmerchandizing
Studded leather bag: V&D

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hope you had fun over there! that outfit looks totally comfy <3

  2. You do casual very well! That t-shirt is the best. And cute shoes!!! Why didn't I find the double-strap ones when I was hunting for Dr. Martens Mary Janes?! :)

  3. @Kakuidori: We had a lot of fun! Thanks!
    @VictorianKitty: Thanks, I really love to go for the skirt + t-shirt combination when dressing casually. The Dr.Martens Mary Janes are very comfortable too, with their thick soles. I think these are an older model which were produced a couple of years ago. They always recycle this idea in some way or another though, so I'm sure you'll come across some really Dr.Martens like this some day!