donderdag 5 april 2012

Noosa bracelets

Last november I got a fabulous present from a good friend: a Noosa bracelet. It's a single or double leather bracelet onto which you can attach different 'chunks'. The chunks all have a specific symbolic meaning and are made of natural materials such as bone, pumpkin and stone. They are inspired by different areas in the world. Another attractive aspect about the chunks is that they come in different colors and therefore you can make the bracelet seem different every day and adapt the colors to the clothes you're wearing. One chunk costs between 7 and 19 euros, depending on the kind of material it's made of. The bracelets are 20 - 30 euros and also come in different colors. Besides bracelets, Noosa sells belts, sandals and scarfs, also meant to be decorated with chunks.
I particularly like the South American themed chunks, but this is a personal thing (I studied archaeology and specialized in this region). I also really like the European ones, for obvious reasons. The black and silver chunks are great for complementing a gothic outfit. You can adapt these bracelets to any style you like really.

My bracelet:
 My other chunks:
Noosa belt:
Noosa scarf:
Different bracelets:
Double bracelet:

Noosa sandals:

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