donderdag 19 april 2012


Last week I went to the Kruidvat (a discount drugstore) because all make-up was 'buy one, get one free'! I didn't really need anything, but I couldn't resist buying nail-polish. These green colours are from Catrice. I have no doubt the dark green polish will please me, but the lighter green/grey is an experiment. A review will follow later!
Then I bought two pairs of silver coloured hair slides, with roses on them (30% discount with my customer card). I think they're going to look great in updos. 
I also got a free shampoo worth more than 5 euros, which I saved for with customer points. The brand is Syoss and this product does not contain any parabens, silicons or paraffines. Just what I'm looking for! 
Discount shopping with deals such as these is so much fun!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. How is the green Catrice nail varnish called? I think I have the same one but I anm not sure because I can't see the exact colour on that photo. Mine is called Genious in a Bottle.

    Lucky you, you made a great deal with your shopping!

  2. Leuke dingetjes! Vooral de speldjes zijn leuk, ik wil voor Castlefest mijn haar á la Marie-Antoinette opsteken dus misschien ga ik er ook even voor kijken:) De grijze nagellak heb ik volgens mij ook, is het iets met chinchilly?

  3. can you please do a review on the syoss shampoo? i saw it insotre, too and always used syoss until i went for silicone-free shampoos XD
    nice new treasures there :-)