donderdag 26 april 2012

New bag!

I recently bought a new bag with a huge discount. It's from Kipling, a Belgian brand. These bags are known to be extremely durable, which I definately expierenced during my six years in high school. I had the same bag through all those years and it still wasn't damaged when I graduated! For years I hated Kipling bags because they reminded me of school, haha. But when I came across this wonderful, roomy, black bag with a silk-like yet sturdy fabric, I gave in....I'm giving Kipling a second chance. :)

Isn't it pretty? There's plenty of space inside and the silky looking fabric is much more beautiful in reality than in the picture. You can wear it across your shoulder, but there are also shorter straps for hand carrying it. The model of the bag is called 'New Pamela', if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
I found this really nice Gothic Lolita-like picture from an Asian website:

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