donderdag 29 maart 2012

Sewing a new skirt & a trip to a thrift event

I've been neglecting to reply to your comments on my previous posts because I've been extremely busy that last couple of days. I'll be sure to make up for it next week!
So what have I been working on? First of all, there is this article that I'm writing for a scientific journal about the subject I graduated on last September. I hope to finish it within a couple of days. Secondly, I have a photoshoot in victorian attire coming up on Sunday! The idea is that I'll dress in mourning costume. I have a lot of basic clothing, but I lacked a good skirt. So I really worked like crazy to finish a skirt based on this example:

The mesh layers took me ages to attach!! It wasn't an easy process, but at least I didn't have to pay more than 100 euros to buy this skirt in a shop. Instead I spent 30 to 40 euros. It didn't end up having as much volume as the skirt in the picture above (though I still have to press the layers outwards a bit more), but I like the lace that I added to make it a more of a personal item. Here is the documented process:


Here I am wearing a bustle over the skirt:

I also made a mourning veil, attached to a hat:

Tomorrow and on Saturday I'm going to attend a thrift event! I'm really excited about what I will find there and of course I'll  post about it later. 

11 opmerkingen:

  1. The skirt goes so well with the rest of the outfit - which is stunnig, by the way!

  2. Holy cow -- that's wonderful! I've always wanted a mourning veil. I would assume they are easy to make, with the right materials?

    Hopefully you'll be able to rock out that skirt for several years to come!

  3. That turned out very pretty! I like the added lace border. I also like your flexi8 clips. Oh and I think I have the same under bust corset.

  4. Very nicely done! I hope you'll be sharing some photos from your shoot.

    I have a few Flexi-8 clips, too! I love them. :)

  5. @Geheis & The Countess: Thank you very much! :)
    @Tenebris: Thank you! The mourning veil wasn't hard to make. You need a lighter, soft type of mesh. I applied it to a hat, which is how it was worn orginally. If you want to make the hat yourself, it's going to be a lot more work. But I was done in about 10 minutes! If you want to make it even prettier, you can apply a lace band at the edges. I'd love to do that with my veil some day.
    @Emi: Thanks a lot! I'm crazy about my flexi8 clips, haha. :)They're so easy to use and still make any hairdo look special. You have them too?
    @Victorian Kitty: Thank you! I will definately share some photos of the photoshoot on my blog. Cool, another Flexi-8 fan! :)

  6. Heel mooi, ik denk misschien voor de make up dat de zwarte lipgloss van illamasqua of een hele donker burgundy lipstick mooi staat!

  7. Is perfect ! I love it ! Kisses :)

  8. You did a great job on your skirt- I prefer yours to the inspiration (probably because I'm a sucker for lace trim on everything). Looking forward to pictures from the photoshoot. I hope your article is well recieved by the journal =] have fun thrifting!

  9. @Joyce:jammer dat ik je tip niet op tijd meer gelezen had! Maar ik geloof dat we nu ook ongeveer zo'n effect hebben gebruikt. Staat altijd mooi bij zo'n outfit!
    @Mariel: thank you very much! :)
    @The Cemetery Dreamer: Wow, you prefer mine to the inspiration, that's really cool. :) I also prefer the lace trim, but I was a bit disappointd that my version didn't have so much volume. Maybe I should have used more fabric. Oh well, better luck next time!
    @HajaMiel: Thanks! The veil was a really great thing to work with during the shoot, especially since we had a lot of wind.