dinsdag 3 april 2012

Outfit post: flowers

This is an outfit post by request, inspired by Sophitiqué Noir's monthly theme post! I'm wearing one of the skirts today that I photographed for April's flower theme. I have to say I'm not completely happy with the way I put the outfit together (I didn't have much inspiration this morning!), but it's passable I presume. I added the broad belt to the victorian top to make the look a bit tougher. It also nicely accentuates the waist! Almost like a waist cincher.

Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: King Louie
Belt: V&D
Green necklace: Alchemy Gothic

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely outfit!

    I feel like I shouldn't make note of your boobs, but.

    Dayum girl. You got tits! :P

  2. Thank you! Hahaha, that's all right...they're hard to hide. :D Sometimes it's great, other times it's annoying because shirts won't always fit well in the right places.

  3. that skirt is gorgeous..and i really love how people can rock the waist belt..totally stunning..and i'm still having problems wearing those waist belts, i do look weird with it..but you totally worked it well..


  4. @Lady of Gothica: Thanks! I know what you mean though. Some waist belts look weird on me, others do well. This is a good one, but I had to remove it at night because it started to feel like a corset a bit too much. Ouch! :) Some things are only meant to be worn for a short time-period, haha.

  5. spring is coming :-D and we all 'have those days' but i still like your outfit!