vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.6

I have my doubts about the clothes that I wore today because it kind of looks like a teenage outfit...nothing wrong with that, except I'm 28! Perhaps I should have picked a plain black skirt instead. Hmmm...mistakes happen I guess. :) I'm curious to hear your opinions!

- T-shirt: no idea what brand, but it only cost me 10 euros! I love owls...evil ones included, haha.
- Skirt: C&A
- Tights: don't remember...
- Shoes: Fidji
- Silver bracelet: bought somehwere in a tiny shop in Amsterdam

Thanks a lot VictorianKitty, for inventing the Red & Black week! It was lots of fun and I discovered many interesting blogs because of participating. I hope there will be more initiatives like this in the future!

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.5

Today I was supposed to go to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie with my boyfriend, but he felt rather sick so we decided to stay home. Quite a disappointment for the both of us, but the movie can wait... I did dress up in Pirates-inspired attire this morning though, while at the same time honoring the Red & Black Week. We managed to take some pictures outside:

- Red shirt with anchor and roses print: Rock Steady
- Skirt: Vive Maira
- Boots: Dr.Martens
- Red scarf: bought in Morocco a few months ago (it's actually a turban!)
- Jacket: H&M
- Nails: red nail polish from Hema

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.4

Participating in the Red&Black Week made me realize that I really don't have many red things in my closet. Oh well, I managed to find something and put together an outfit anyway... Nothing special, but it feels good enough for a day spent mostly at home. I do have to put on some red lipstick though, judging from this unflattering picture! :)

- T-shirt: bought it at a The Cure concert (that event was a dream come true!)
- Skirt: Didi (a gift from my mom)
- Belt: Poizen Industries
- Lace leggings: V&D
- Shoes: Fidji
- Bracelets: no idea

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.3 (festival outfit)

Not having much time today, this will be a short post! This picture was taken at the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht (the Netherlands) last year, where I wore a black and red outfit:

Corset: Burleska
Petticoat: unknown (bought it at the festival a couple of years earlier)
Shrug: Succubus Clothing
Cameo necklace: made by myself
Black beaded bracelet: Bijjoux Brigitte 

maandag 6 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.2

This is another outfit for Sophistique's Red & Black Week that I wore last week. It was a great opportunity for me to wear my new red shoes! Since I have a really unconvenient shoe size (EU 43/ UK9/ US11) it took me ages to find shoes in this color. I was actually looking for a darker shade of red, but settled for these ones in the end.
Top: Queen of Darkness
Skirt: made it myself (from a really simple pattern, with an elastic waistband)
Lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Colour  170 After Work Wine. I bought this lipstick after I saw how great it looked on a friend. It's a bit too dark for me to wear it daily, but great when going out. 
Lace trimmed leggings: V&D
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic 'Sacred Heart pendant'

zondag 5 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.1

Today Sophistique Noir's 'Red & Black Week' has started and I'd like to contribute with an outfit post. Since I had to be at work today and wear a light blue / white uniform, there was not a chance for me to dress up nicely or even remotely 'dark'.  Therefore I took pictures of an outfit that I wore last week.
Red and black is actually my favorite color combination, so I had a great time looking for a nice combination of clothing and accessories. Here is what I came up with... A comfortable outfit with attitude, at least that's how it felt to me!

- Red t-shirt: H&M
- Skirt: C&A
- Belt: Poizen Industries
- Dr. Martens with red roses
- Necklace: made by my boyfriend's mom from an old zipper (She even makes steampunk jewelry, how cool is that?!)
- Silver bracelet with black onyx: bought somewhere in Amsterdam

And for something totally different: all red and black lovers should really see the movie 'Sleepy Hollow' by Tim Burton. (Though I expect many of you already have...) Throughout the movie, red and black keep appearing as leading colors.