zondag 1 april 2012

First impression of Victorian photoshoot

Photograph: Henk van Rijssen

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  1. Actually, this is exactly what I had in mind for my Elf Fantasy costume :3

  2. @Lady Bethezda & Vanitas Glemsel: Thank you very much! :)
    @Xanthy: Really? I guess the victorian mourning costume is inspirational to many. :) Are you going to make the outfit yourself? If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask!

  3. Oh how odd is this, I literally just re-blogged this on tumblr (it turned up under the goth tag), not knowing where it was from and then I come here and find out :)
    It's a beautiful picture :)

  4. Remebers me of the movie "The woman in black", very lovely <3 Were do you live in the Netherlands? I passed an internship last year in Rotterdam, awesome city! :)