zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Long hair video

It's been oh so quite on my blog lately... But I have to say it's a good sign! My thesis is coming along and soon I'll be finished at last. Which means I'll have a lot more time to update my blog and even make some positive changes to the lay-out. I have many plans for improvement! Also, I will have more time to spend on my sewing projects.
I won't be updating my blog for a while until I've graduated, but from June 5-10 I'll post my daily outfits since I'm participating in the Red & Black Week of Sophistique Noir. A great initiative!
For now, I have a short video to post which shows the length of my hair....still growing until I reach waist length! Another movie will be added a year from now, so one can clearly see the difference. I might also have a trim and a dye-job soon (adding black streaks), so this is a nice caption of the state of my hair at the moment: