vrijdag 20 april 2012

Baking frenzy!

One of my favourite past times is cooking and baking. Especially the latter calls for creativity. I regularly make crazy elaborate cupcakes, but I also like to bake a traditional undecorated cake or cookies. A couple of days ago my friend Joyce gave me a baking mix that she wasn't going to use herself. It contained whole bitterkoekjes (traditional Dutch cookies), big chunks of chocolate and amaretto! Highly addictive.
Do you guys like baking? Do you ever make food with a dark theme (and not just for Halloween)? I'd love to see some examples!
I used a rose shaped baking tin and mini turban cake forms:

Last year for my birthday, I made victorian themed cupcakes and owl shaped cake pops:

And in 2010 I made these Halloween cupcakes:

3 opmerkingen:

  1. i love baking but usually end up with 'normal' looking things

    those rose shaped cupcakes look cute :-D (ok, actually all of these)

  2. Actually I think the 'normal' looking things usually taste the best. :D I'm not a big fan of all the sweet stuff on top of cupcakes, but I so love to make them. Eating them is the task of my friends, haha!