zaterdag 14 april 2012

Natural hair products

I recently placed an order of various hair products and make-up at Yves Rocher. Both my mother and grandmother used to be big fans of this brand in the past, so it always feels a bit outdated and granny-ish to me. But when I heard that they have a line of products without parabens, my interest grew. When I also had the opportunity to buy a discount coupon, saving me a lot of money, I decided to go for it. My first impression is a very positive one! Although the packaging of the products is a bit cheap and sometimes even difficult to open, I have no complaints about what's inside.
For my hair, I bought the following items:
- Pureté Clean shampoo (for oily hair)
- Démêlage detangling styling water
- Nutrition hair mask oat (for dry hair)
- Nutrition repairing balm for dry ends
- Éclat radiance raspberry vinegar
So far, I've tried the shampoo, the detangling water and the balm for dry ends. My hair feels really soft and clean and the detangling water made it easy to comb. It left no greasy layer, which is really good news for my type of hair. The balm for dry ends also makes a considerable difference, since the ends now look shiny and healthy. If they are really better protected will become clear in time, I guess. The products do not seem to contain SLS either. As an effect, the shampoo doesn't foam as much as regular shampoos do, but this simply takes some getting used to.
I'm really curious to try the raspberry vinegar. I've never tried anything like it before! The stuff smells great and I wonder if it works well to get rid of build-up left by various hair products over time. A review will follow!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben ook erg benieuwd naar die vinegar!

  2. I love natural hair products, I don't use anything else. I don't use silicones in my hair and as a vegan I of course only buy vegan products that weren't tested on animals. I love Alverde, it's a german brand and of course Lush. I have never tried Ives Roche, it's a little too pricey for my taste.

  3. @Joyce: de vinegar was echt super! Ik heb hem vandaag voor het eerst gebruikt en mijn haar voelt super schoon. Ook heeft het een geweldige glans, veel meer dan anders. Ik denk dat je dit product niet te vaak moet gebruiken, maar gewoon af en toe om residue van shampoos te verwijderen. De frambozengeur was geweldig toen ik hem aanbracht, maar ik ruik hem nu helaas niet meer in mijn haar.
    @The Countess: That sounds great! I am not a vegan (not even a vegetarian, though I don't eat a lot of meat), but I am very interested in good food and natural products. Since a couple of months I only eat organic food, which I am very happy about. It's difficult on a tight budget, but I can manage so far. I've never heard of Alverde, but I'm certainly going to check it out! I do have a lot of Lush products, but I recently saw they do contain SLS. The fluid products also have a lot of parabens.
    The stuff I bought at Yves Rocher actually wasn't expensive at all. I did only buy products with discount, but even the original prices weren't very high. I don't think I could find organic products this cheap in regular stores. Lush is much more expensive here, but this might differ a lot depending on the country you live in. I wouldn't expect much of a difference between the Netherlands and Germany, but then again many organic brands are German, so perhaps the regular brands are cheaper there. :)