dinsdag 3 april 2012

Dark Sunshine Award

I've been nominated by Aristocratic Elegance for the Dark Sunshine Award! How cool!
Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you.
Answer the ten questions posed to you.
Pass on the award to 10 or more bloggers.

Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: I used to be obessed with cats, but since my mom has a dog (which is practically mine too), I really appreciate that animal as well. I can't choose anymore. :) But I also love llamas! 
Favorite number: 2 and 8 (both numbers seem to pop up everywhere in my life)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: fresh orange juice mixed with strawberries
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My passion: Archaeology, cultural heritage, travelling, sewing, writing, reading, movies...lots of things!
Getting or giving presents: Giving! I love to hunt for things that have a personal meaning to people and wrap them up beautifully. 
Favorite pattern: lace
Favorite day of the week: Monday (I never see my boyfriend during the weekend since I'm at my family's then, so Monday is always a happy day for us)
Favorite flower: piony rose (cliché, but so very beautiful)

Nominees (I tried to nominate blogs that haven't been nominated before.)

Beauty and Metal (My friend's blog. Has awesome dark make-up reviews!)
o.O (Kakuidori has great EOTD posts. Love to follow her blog!)
Cemetery Dreams (An archaeologist, like me! Also great low-budget inspiration.)
Long Haired at Heart (Not a gothic blog in itself, but really interesting if you want to grow very long hair.)
GumPlum (This girl sure knows how to apply make-up in a stunning way!)
SpOOkyuniversity (Very inspiring outfit posts!)
Written before dawn (Beautiful dark fashion and interesting sewing projects)
Abby's Fairytale (A wide range of interesting topics)

I don't have enough time right now to nominate more blogs (most ones I follow have been nominated already), but I might add some others later! 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. <3 aww thanks - maaaan i should sit down and finally work on this :-/

  2. I've never tried to mix orange juice with strawberries, I'll sure try that!
    From the answers you gave to those questions you seem like an awesome person to me :)

  3. @The Countess: Orange juice and strawberries is wonderfully sweet! I have to warn you though, it's very addictive. :) Awww, that's such a sweet thing to say.

  4. Hi, Corin, I've tagged you for a Blogger post project that's been going around; the rules and my own post are here: http://styleandgraphite.blogspot.com/2013/07/i-was-tagged-for-thing.html

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