maandag 5 maart 2012

Morgana Cryptoria: 'Glowing Gargoyle Gloss'

 Today was a good day. I finally managed to find work that I like, even though it's freelance and only for a couple of months. I have to seek interesting historical images for a book that will probably be published somewhere around October. My first 'real' job, hurray!
And then there was the mail... A while back had I ordered some eyeshadow and lip products at Morgana Cryptoria, an online store for exceptional make-up with a dark edge.  Today my package arrived and I'm thrilled about what's inside!  For now, I will only review the Glowing Gargoyle gloss. More will follow this week!
Glowing Gargoyle is a truly extraordinary color. I'm familiar with the green-brown-redish shade from several eyeshadows that I like, but I've never seen it as a lip product before! Because of the uncommon color, the gloss may not be wearable for just any occasion (it can even appear quite dark, when you use a lot), but it's not downright shocking either. It's definately an eyecatcher though!
The texture of the product is moisturizing and glossy...just perfect, if you're asking me. Unfortunately the package had been upside down in my mailbox, so the gloss is smeared against the top of the pacakge, but I think this will sink to the bottom within a couple of hours.  This is why it looks a bit messy in the picture:

My order from Morgana Cryptoria:
 Glowing Gargoyle gloss:

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Het is echt een bizar kleurtje inderdaad! Toch denk ik dat ik hem wel vaak zal dragen.

  2. Thanks for your comment, S! I hope to have a review of the other colors up here soon.