dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Baking sandcastles

Some time ago a dear friend of mine gave me a fantastic Bundt castle cake pan! I picked it myself when we went shopping for my 'having helped with the wedding' present. I already baked a cake in it two weeks ago, but then I didn't use enough dough. This time I got it right, but the structure of the cake is a bit weak, causing it to crack. Next time I know how to make this thing work perfectly, but for now I'm enjoying my second imperfect attempt...
My friend's wedding took place last September and I had the honor of being her witness. It was a lovely sunny day and both the ceremony and celebration took place at the beach. This is what I wore, trying to look both appropriate and like my normal self at the same time:

Purple dress: bought in Paris
Black mesh hat: bought in Paris
Clutch bag: don't remember
Shoes: Calandschoen, Amsterdam

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have that same bundt pan! I have trouble with the tops of the turrets sticking. :) But I love it just the same. They also have a cathedral one that is very fun.

    You look fabulous and perfectly wedding-appropriate. Very tasteful, yet still dark and elegant.

  2. How funny that you have the same bundt pan! :) I've never seen it anywhere before, but that's probably because we don't have such a big 'baking culture' as in the US or the UK. Dutch baking pans tend to be really boring.
    Wow, a cathedral? I should check that one out!
    Thanks for the outfit compliments! I spent a long time looking all over Paris (during summer vacation) for the perfect dress...pff, it was exhausting. But I really loved what I found in the end. :) It had to live up to so many requirements, a real challenge!
    I posted a review of The Woman In Black by the way. ;)

  3. Oh, I almost forgot: if you use a baking spray on the pan instead of regular butter or oil, you won't have the sticking problem that much. Perhaps that helps!

  4. Leuke bakvorm zeg! En die jurk is echt prachtig, mooie kleur ook.