vrijdag 2 maart 2012

In search of the perfect gothic summercoat

I will not deny it: I have many coats. Too many, perhaps? My friends certainly seem to think so! Still I never manage to find the right coat or jacket to match my outfit. I've been wondering how this is possible and my conclusion is that I have too many great looking, eye-catching coats, but too few practical ones that simply go with anything. Therefore my quest for the perfect gothic summercoat! For my particular situation that is...:)
First, let me show you an example of a summer coat that I bought at the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht in 2009. I absolutely love the thing, but for many occasions it's just not that wearable. Plus it's not always comfortable to wear a longer coat in summer.
(Coat by Necessary Evil)

So what kinds of summer coats do goths wear? Well, this is a very personal thing of course, but leather jackets, studded jackets, velvet jackets and victorianesque coats are certainly popular. It's a pity that so many goth brands are offering a wide range of winter coats, but only a very small collection of summer coats. I live in a country where summers can be rainy and dreadful, but heatwaves are no exception either. The only thing certain is that it's never predictable. And therefore a good coat is a necessity! Another complaint is that many webshops for gothic clothing never indicate whether a coat is meant to be worn in summer or winter, or 'in between'. It's just not always visible from the picture.
Since I have a couple of longer coats already, I've decided to go for a jacket. This will also look better on the shorter skirts, because long coats can make them seem to disappear, which will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. Then, I want something that fits my romantic victorian style, since that's what I'm wearing most of the time. I do however like the more feminine type of leather jacket a lot too. After all, the odd but charming contradiction between lace skirts and a leather jacket is simply to die for. Finally, the jacket must be wearable when I'm down dressing (e.g. when I'm with my family or to an official occasion), but it also has to match my darker outfits. So I've made a selection of jackets that could possibly live up to my wishes:

- Jacket by Didi clothing (regular brand). This one is actually my dream-jacket, but on the website my size is sold out. :/ I'm going to check the actual shop next week though to find out if they still have it there:

- This one is by Queen of Darkness. I really love the fabric, but I have no idea whether it's a winter or a summer jacket. Also, it might not be short enough for what I have in mind:

 - Jacket by '13 cats'. I love the shape of this one! But there is fur attached...not quite good in summer. The fabric looks really thin though. So what's going on here?

- A really nice jacket from Large.nl (no idea what brand), but rather expensive so it might be outside my budget.

- A military style jacket by Necessary Evil. I love the shape of it! Really feminine, but with an edge. I wonder if this might be the one?

- Jacket by Queen of Darkness. I love it!! It really looks like a jacket that's meant to be worn outside. The only downside is that it has skull buttons. Cool enough, but not suitable for just any occasion I'm afraid... 


- Vintage style jacket from Large.nl (again, no clue about the brand). This one looks pretty cool, but will it really fit my romantic outfits?  Maybe leather would be better. I'm just not sure about this one.

- Jacket by Vixxsin. I think the material must be really comfortable, but the jacket is a bit longer than I'm looking for. And is it really a summer jacket?

- Jacket by Hell Bunny. I love the victorian appearance of this one!!  The pretties jacket of all. But is the fabric suitable for warmer weather? And again, it's long...

 Well, I guess my quest isn't over yet. Perhaps I should have a look in the regular shops as well. At least I can try things on there! The downside however is that most regular brands only sell fair colored summer jackets. Pfff, it's not easy finding the perfect item of clothing...

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  1. Prachtige jas zeg op de foto! Afdankertjes kan je altijd bij mij kwijt haha ;)