dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Mystic Girlz

Yesterday my boyfriend bought me this awesome/hilarious Steffilove gothic doll!! It was for sale at Kruidvat, a well-known discount drugstore in the Netherlands. I just had to have one!
It's a nice to see they've made a doll that's not the average, sweet, 'perfect', pink-loving Barbie doll. Babybats will be delighted, I'm sure. And look at the packaging! It's all bats and roses. My doll is wearing a lace corset (nope, not a steel boned one ;)), a tule skirt, armwarmers, stripy leg warmers, a choker and a small hat. She even has tattoos. The doll comes with a small pet, which in this case is a creepy/cute looking bear.

I think this is a wonderful way of introducing kids to different subcultures and of counterbalancing the 'perfect Barbie' image that young girls are always confronted with.
Keep in mind that this doll is made to be played with by kids and is not made of high quality material. If you want buy a truly gorgeous doll just for decoration, take a loot at Bleeding Edge dolls for instance:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig :D Ze hebben nu gewoon bij de intertoys enz ook aparte 'barbies' monster high dolls heten die volgens mij. Inderdaad wel goed voor kinderen om te laten zien dat er 'meer' is dan alleen barbie.

  2. Oh, gaaf! Dat wist ik niet. Ik zal ze eens opzoeken. :)