vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Tea obsession?

I have a thing for tea and especially for extraordinary flavoured tea... Last week I found a package in the mail that contained 8 new kinds of tea that I had ordered through the Dutch Teabar webshop:

These flavours are:
- Oudhollandse appeltaart (traditional Dutch applepie tea)
- Fruity Fairytale (green tea with mango and other exotic fruits)
- Stroopwafel thee (traditional Dutch syrup cookie tea)
- 1000 dromen Ayur la Vie Bio (green tea with grapes, roses, jasmin etc.)
- Rooibos aardebeien slagrooom (rooibos tea with strawberries and cream flavour)
- Rooibos hammam (roobios tea with orange, eucalyptus etc.)
- Bananarama (tea with banana, coconut etc.)
- Rooibos choco caramel (rooibos tea with chocolate and caramel)

I have already tried each kind of tea, except for Rooibos Hammam. Apart from the Oudhollandse Appeltaart, which didn't contain any tea but only dried fruits, I loved all flavours a lot! Bananarama is definately my favourite though. Drinking tea becomes so much fun with exotic ingredients!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat klinkt apart, bananarama lijkt mij heel lekker!

  2. http://www.amarya.co.uk/amarya-beauty-box.html organic beauty box - they also ship to europe for 9L shipping :-O

    i think i need some dutch tea *lol* applepie and syrup cookie sound really tasty!