zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Went to the hairdresser this morning...

..and I have bangs again! I'm really happy with the result too. The girl that cut my hair said I can have my bangs cut for free every once in a while, so that's perfect.
Before going to the hair salon, I had told myself that I only wanted about 2 centimeters cut from the length of my hair. The hairdresser was okay with that, but did ask me if I wanted to grow out my layers. Having no layers makes it easier to grow your hair long, since the ends are thicker and better protected. Therefore I am trying to get a straight hemline. In the past this has also worked best for me. The hairdresser showed me in the mirror that my ends were really not in such a good condition and I had to agree with her. I could either let the layers grow out gradually - which was fine to her as well - or have a bigger chop and already get rid of most of them. Despite dreading the loss of length, the second option appealed to me more. Fortunately I don't regret it hair actually looks extremely healthy now. I'm still not rid of all the layers, but I'm going to have that taken care of during my next trim.
Yesterday I made some 'before' pictures:

 And a lady that walked by asked my boyfriend and me if we wanted a picture of the two of us :)

 And this is today, after my haircut:

Apart from the layers- problem, I also still have some faded black dye in my hair. Although I really loved the blonde-black combination, I noticed that the dyed parts are in a horrible condition and therefore I won't dye my hair anymore. The dyed parts are extremely dry and always tangled. It's going to take a long time before this too will have grown out, but I'm patient. The dye is visible in this close-up:

And two final pictures, to show the improvement (color differences are due to flash):

Hair last month:

Hair today:

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  1. Pony staat je goed zeg! En soms is het inderdaad beter om een langer stuk afteknippen. Heb het een hele poos geleden ook gedaan en daarna is het echt heel snel gegroeid, hopelijk bij jou ook :)

  2. Dankje!! :) Inderdaad, het kan zo veel goeds doen voor je haar. Gelukkig groeit mijn haar ook best snel, dus ik maak me maar niet al te veel zorgen. In de zomer groeit het zelfs iets sneller, dus wie weet hoe snel het weer op mijn oude lengte is. Het is allemaal te volgen op mijn blog, hahaha.

  3. Thank you, Avy! :) You have a very interesting blog. I don't know what happened to you (and your father?) but your writing seems so very honest. It's beautiful.

  4. Lovely look, I like it! Amazing what a haircut can do to tune-up the hair :-)

    I'm waiting for my hair to grow out so it can be cut into a bob .. *tick tick tick*

  5. What a great result. You have a understanding hair dresser. I stopped going in 2006, because I kept falling into the hands of bad hair dressers ;)