zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Hair care: Monoi Miracle Oil

I love The Body Shop's 'Spa Wisdom Polynesia' line, which has a great tropical and seductive scent. Originally, Monoi oil is made from soaking petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiare) in coconut oil.
Last year Spa (the Belgian company selling bottled water) won a lawsuit against The Body Shop though, claiming that the latter had no right to use the long-established Spa name. All products were offered with huge discounts and now they can't be found anywhere in the Netherlands anymore. I managed to get hold of three bodybutters of the Polynesia line though, so I can still enjoy the scent for a while to come.
I do however have a resolution for when I've used up all my body products. From now on I only want to buy bodybutters and lotions without parabens and SLS, because I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of using so many toxics on my skin. I don't want to throw anything away unused though, so I'll have to finish my stash first.
Anyway, during The Body Shop sales I also managed to get hold of a bottle of Monoi Miracle Oil. The bottle said it could be used on both skin and hair, but I forgot about this later and only used it on my skin. Now I was reminded of its other application and this morning I gave it a try on my hair. I have to say my hair is liking the product a lot! It's super shiny (not like any other oil I've ever used) and soft, but the greatest thing of all is still the wonderful smell. Too bad there are so many chemical ingredients in there as well. Otherwise I would certainly try to get hold of another bottle from the US, where they still sell it. Maybe I should look for the original Monoi oil from Tahiti and see whether there's a pure version, without all the additives. After all, the oil has a good reputation as a natural hair softener and has been widely used by indigenous women from the Polynesian islands. I hope there is a good brand on the market that is not overly processed. If anyone knows about this, please tell me! 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Monoï ruikt zo lekker <3 Ze hebben bij Yves Rocher ook een hele lijn met Monoï/Tiaré shampoo, olie etc. ik kan alleen niks vinden over de ingrediënten ik zal eens kijken of ik mijn fles nog heb en dan laat ik het wel weten wat er in zit:)

  2. Ik ben benieuwd naar de ingrediënten! Zojuist las ik nog even de 'officiële' website van monoi en die blijkt toch wel puur te zijn....dus misschien bestel ik het gewoon een keer uit Amerika via die site. Ligt er een beetje aan wat er aan die van Yves Rocher is toegevoegd!

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