zondag 5 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.1

Today Sophistique Noir's 'Red & Black Week' has started and I'd like to contribute with an outfit post. Since I had to be at work today and wear a light blue / white uniform, there was not a chance for me to dress up nicely or even remotely 'dark'.  Therefore I took pictures of an outfit that I wore last week.
Red and black is actually my favorite color combination, so I had a great time looking for a nice combination of clothing and accessories. Here is what I came up with... A comfortable outfit with attitude, at least that's how it felt to me!

- Red t-shirt: H&M
- Skirt: C&A
- Belt: Poizen Industries
- Dr. Martens with red roses
- Necklace: made by my boyfriend's mom from an old zipper (She even makes steampunk jewelry, how cool is that?!)
- Silver bracelet with black onyx: bought somewhere in Amsterdam

And for something totally different: all red and black lovers should really see the movie 'Sleepy Hollow' by Tim Burton. (Though I expect many of you already have...) Throughout the movie, red and black keep appearing as leading colors.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I Love those boots, they are really cool. I wouldn't mind having a pair of those :) Nice outfit for red and black week btw.

  2. Cute shirt!! And I love, love love a t-shirt with a long skirt. Very nicely done!! :)

    Sophistique Noir - Red & Black Week

  3. I love your outfit! It's simple, yet really pretty. Great boots, btw.

  4. Thanks everyone!! :)
    The boots are my favorite Dr Martens...they also have them in different colors and variantions:

  5. Love the Docs and the necklace is amazing!! And thanks for the reminder, it's about time I check out Sleepy Hollow again, it's been awhile.
    Love the outfit!