maandag 6 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.2

This is another outfit for Sophistique's Red & Black Week that I wore last week. It was a great opportunity for me to wear my new red shoes! Since I have a really unconvenient shoe size (EU 43/ UK9/ US11) it took me ages to find shoes in this color. I was actually looking for a darker shade of red, but settled for these ones in the end.
Top: Queen of Darkness
Skirt: made it myself (from a really simple pattern, with an elastic waistband)
Lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Colour  170 After Work Wine. I bought this lipstick after I saw how great it looked on a friend. It's a bit too dark for me to wear it daily, but great when going out. 
Lace trimmed leggings: V&D
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic 'Sacred Heart pendant'

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely, I really like the skirt and the necklace!

  2. What a gorgeous look...and you made the skirt?? It's beautiful! The shoes are also fab and worth the hunt!

  3. You are so pretty! And this outfit just makes you shine. I love Alchemy Gothic (what Goth doesn't? lol).

    Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

  4. The skirt is fantastic. Well done.