woensdag 8 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.4

Participating in the Red&Black Week made me realize that I really don't have many red things in my closet. Oh well, I managed to find something and put together an outfit anyway... Nothing special, but it feels good enough for a day spent mostly at home. I do have to put on some red lipstick though, judging from this unflattering picture! :)

- T-shirt: bought it at a The Cure concert (that event was a dream come true!)
- Skirt: Didi (a gift from my mom)
- Belt: Poizen Industries
- Lace leggings: V&D
- Shoes: Fidji
- Bracelets: no idea

1 opmerking:

  1. Looking great in casual wear is even more difficult than looking great in dressy clothes. You've succeeded! :) I got to see The Cure once, too. It was definitely one of the best shows I've seen!

    Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!