vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Red & Black outfit nr.6

I have my doubts about the clothes that I wore today because it kind of looks like a teenage outfit...nothing wrong with that, except I'm 28! Perhaps I should have picked a plain black skirt instead. Hmmm...mistakes happen I guess. :) I'm curious to hear your opinions!

- T-shirt: no idea what brand, but it only cost me 10 euros! I love owls...evil ones included, haha.
- Skirt: C&A
- Tights: don't remember...
- Shoes: Fidji
- Silver bracelet: bought somehwere in a tiny shop in Amsterdam

Thanks a lot VictorianKitty, for inventing the Red & Black week! It was lots of fun and I discovered many interesting blogs because of participating. I hope there will be more initiatives like this in the future!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it! Yes, it's a "young" look but it's not like you're trying to pull it off at 50. ;) I like how this outfit has just a touch of red.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the event. Thank you for participating so thoroughly! I'll definitely be doing some other themed events, and I hope other bloggers will run with the idea and start some as well! :)

    Sophistique Noir - Red & Black Week Grand Finale!

  2. "Young" or not, it's super-duper cute-I especially like the shoes and t-shirt, they are both awesome. And of course, plaid skirts are always awesome-j'tadore! It's a cute outfit, and you work it-I'm glad to be able to tell you your doubt is completely unfounded. :)

  3. I agree; you can pull off this look. I especially adore the tee shirt. I also like owls; it's hard to find them on stuff, especially looking slightly sinister.

  4. Wow, I didn't expect this...thanks a lot! I'm at an age now where I'm starting to wonder for the first time 'am I young enough still to wear this?'. :) It's good to know that I didn't look odd in the outfit! I'll definately wear this skirt again!

  5. Oh, Corin, I know what you mean! I wonder that same thing myself: Am I still young enough?

    But the outfit is fine, don't worry!

  6. Ik snap wel wat je bedoelt, maar het mistaat niet hoor.. maar misschien zou je je haar beter los kunnen doen? Denk dat dat ook al scheelt :) maar het is dat je het zegt :p