vrijdag 7 januari 2011


 Happy New Year to all of you!!!

As you can see, I’ve decided to continue writing this blog in English. I guess it will attract more readers and I had my doubts about writing in Dutch from the start anyway. Since this blog is also about long hair (despite no entries about the subject yet, but I promise they’ll come!), long hair lovers from different nationalities can now read my blog as well.
During the holidays I’ve done a lot of reflecting on 2010, which I guess is what most people (are forced to) do…:) Since I still have very little money to spend, not having a job just yet and still working on finishing my studies at university, it’s really not a good idea for me to reward myself with new clothes from time to time. I’d better focus on my sewing projects instead and on finding cheap solutions for any purchases, whether it’s food, hair products or other things I really enjoy buying. I don’t think it’s going to make this blog boring now, but rather more interesting! So stay with me and read about my creative solutions, I’d say…:) In order to stick to my promise to stop spending money on things I already have aplenty, I’ve made a decision; I’m not going to buy any new clothes for a whole year! I’m starting my personal challenge in February, so I can still profit a little from the January sales and buy some things that I’m really lacking. But after that it’s going to be tough…I’m really curious to find out how I’m going to react to this. Will it be extremely difficult, or not as hard as I’m expecting? I’m hoping it will not only help me cut down my expenses but also avoid the kind of consumer-oriented behaviour that I rather dislike when I really take the time to think about it. I have a closet full of pretty clothes and really don’t need anything more. Perhaps I will also be forced to become more creative with clothes and accessories and that is a very nice and entertaining prospect. I will not include lingerie, shoes and accessories in this challenge by the way…but I’ll try to limit buying those things as much as I can as well. Wish me luck!
On my wishlist for the January sales are mainly practical things:

-         longsleeves
(I have a shortage of them and wear them a lot underneath sweaters and t-shirts)
-         pants!
(I have only 2 wearable pants. I do wear a lot of skirts, but they’re not always comfortable or warm enough. I don’t like skinny jeans much, so I’m hoping to find some pants or jeans in bootcut-style…unfortunately this is very hard with the current fashion.)
- a long, comfortable skirt
( to wear during my future trip to Morocco, since short skirts are not always appreciated there)
-         a red top
(I love red, but I have very few items in this color...maybe I’ll come across something nice)

Last week I’ve already looked around a bit and I saw the discount is about 50% now. Besides looking for clothes, I’ve also paid a visit to The Bodyshop since they always have major sales there! This is what I took home with me:

Two very large versions of the regular shower gel bottles (now 9 euros a piece); 'olive' and 'moringa'! I’ve never seen these so large before, so I guess it’s a new addition. Then a normal sized almond shower gel (now 4 euros) and a 'wild cherry' body butter that I got for free (for sale for 10 euros) with my ‘Love your Body’ card. Including the 10% discount with the customer card, I ended up paying only 20 euros for all this. Since I already have three other body butters, I’m not going to buy any shower gel or body butter from The Body Shop for another year as well. We’ll see if my stash lasts that long, but I’m also using a lovely Lush shower gel that I got from my friend Joyce and it seems to be very long lasting. So I’m positive that I’ll be provided for a whole year!

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  1. I'm glad you're now writing in English - otherwise I would just have to look at the pretty pictures. ^^

  2. Thanks for following my blog! :) I'm glad I made the decision to switch to English...most of the blogs that I'm reading are in English too, so I guess this is much better indeed.

  3. Hehe bevalt de jelly goed?:P leuke body shop spullen :D

  4. Hello again Corin! I've tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog.