vrijdag 4 februari 2011

...and a new longsleeve!

Yesterday I finished another project I've been working on. Actually it only took me two evenings to make this top, so it's very easy for beginners as well! The (German) pattern can be ordered at Farbenmix. The original design doesn't have wide sleeves and one is supposed to apply a rubber band at the wrist part, so the sleeves will have a gathered look. I prefered to make them look a little bit more special and medieval-looking though. It's not that hard to just adapt a pattern a little bit and make it something that really suits your personal taste. I'm with the way the top turned out, especially since it fits me perfectly. (No, unfortunately that is not so common as one might expect, at least not in my experience ;) ).
I think I'm going to make many more shirts with the same pattern and simply use different fabrics!

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