maandag 7 februari 2011

One year of hair growth

This month it's been a year since I let my hair grow and below you can see the result. Not bah, eh? I guess I do really need a trim now, after staying away from the salon for a year. The ends of my hair are pretty dry and although it's hardly noticeable, I don't think it's a good idea to just leave it like this. I'm also thinking of getting side-swept bangs. I used to have straight bangs for quite some time, but they tend to make my face look very narrow. Side-swept bangs will make my face look less 'boring', but at the same time avoid the disadvantage of the straight bangs.

2010, with straight bangs:

Then, I'm curious to hear your opinions on the color of my hair! I now have the lower layer of my hair dyed black, but it's not always very well visible because I have so much hair in my natural color covering it. Do you tink I should add some black streaks, perhaps? I've actually found an example of what I mean, after a long search. Avril Lavigne's old hair-style comes closest to what it would look like:

I would leave some blonde streaks at the bottom though, because when I'm wearing black (which is 90% of the time) my hair doesn't stand out anymore against the background. 
Some other examples, which show what it would look like with bangs:
[I couldn't find the second picture in better quality]

What I would also like a lot is to have some bleached streaks near the face, like this:
(I would leave the rest of my hair in my natural hair color, more like the second pic)

 What do you think would look best? I need some advice here! :)

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  1. I adore black and blonde hair! But it depends on whether you could be bothered with the fuss, unlike me. PS, thanks for following me :)

  2. PPS, just realised I clicked on the wrong section and it's actually ME following you. Doh.

  3. Haha, that's okay. :) You've got a new follower of your blog by the way! :D It's very interesting!

    I think I'm gonna go for the black and blonde..I only have doubt still about getting a side-swept fringe. It takes so long for everything to grow back when the result isn't as expected. :/