woensdag 2 mei 2012

Weekend break

Last weekend I went to Limburg (a province in the south of the Netherlands) for a couple of days with my boyfriend's family. We had a great time visiting historic sites and enjoying the landscape. This is the only part of the country where they have decent hills and therefore I always feel like I am abroad when I'm there. I'm not going to describe the trip in detail, but I'd lik to share some pictures:

 With my boyfriend and his sister:
 The cottage we stayed at:
 A visit to a castle nearby:

 Old train station:

 My boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend:


Flea market:

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Limburg looks sooo nice, I should really plan to go there one day, your photos are amazing!
    And you seriously have hills there? Haha, here in Germany we always joke that the Netherlands are so flat that they will disappear when the ice caps continue melting xD

  2. beautiful landscape, pics AND outfits :-O the only thing i remember from netherland-trips were those 'dz' licorice <3 <3 i should go there for a weekend again!

  3. @The Countess: Limburg is really nice! Zeeland (where I grew up) is worth a visit too though. It has beautiful old towns and the seaside is amazing. Haha, I'm afraid the rising sea level is actually going to be a serious problem here. :)
    @Joyce: Dat was het zeker! Echt super klein...een beetje alsof je in een Laven huisje van de Efteling zat.
    @Kakuidori: You liked the licorice? Wow, I haven't heard that before! Usually people from abroad hate it. :D