donderdag 17 mei 2012

The Body Shop 'Beauty with Heart' event

Last Monday Joyce (Beauty & Metal) and I went to the Beauty with Heart event from the Body Shop, held in Amsterdam. We had won tickets for an evening of pampering, beauty advice and of course lots of information about the products from The Body Shop and their new campagne. Beauty with a Heart is promoting a world-wide ban on the testing of makeup on animals, which of course is a good and important cause. Model Lily Cole is fronting the campagne and soon there will be a special line of 'Lily Cole products' available in the shops.
During the event, makeup artist Chase Aston gave a demonstration using the new shimmer cubes, eyeliner and blush:
The shimmer cubes consist of purple colours and can be applied as light or dark (applied wet) as desired. During the event, the catering was superb. We especially enjoyed this salmon with sesame, yummy!
Our hands were massaged with bodybutter (a totally new experience to me!) and we got to choose our own palette of shimmer cubes. I chose these colours:
We were also allowed to pick one body butter, a bottle of hand sanitiser and a new 'beautifying oil'. I chose Moringa body butter (haven't tried it before), Satsuma hand sanitiser and cacao butter beautifying oil. The latter can be used on the hair as well, which is great for dry ends or hot oil treatments! 
 They also gave us a 'make over' with the shimmer cubes that we picked ourselves. 
We had a great evening and went home with a lot of new products to try and a gift card worth 10 euros! I will post a review of  each of the individual products in the future. Some more pictures of the event:
 My friend Joyce:

 The hand massages:
 The new body butter designs:
 Me looking silly (on the left):

Me being informed on the new oils:
 Pick your own shimmer cubes!

 The view from the location:
 Getting my makeup done:

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  1. That event seemed so nice. These shimmering cubes looks interesting. We have a body shop store in our town but I very seldom visit it though I love their body butters.

  2. what a nice event, congrats on getting there :-D i rarely go to body shop, actually i think ive never BOUGHT something from them :-O