donderdag 1 november 2012

Sophistiqué Noir monthly theme post: hoisery

 This month's theme from Sophistiqué Noir is hoisery. Oh, how I love all sorts of legwear! I have a gigantic collection of especially stockings and I am always finding new ways to organize them. If anyone has a brilliant  systematic sollution, please let me know! :)
Black stockings go with everything and I have a big staple of them. No cheap ones, for they usually rip within a day or so (perhaps it's just me, but I can't wear them successfully).
Where it gets really exciting though, is when we have a look at the many patterns and colours that stockings can have! I love to go to the bigger warehouses and see if they have anything interesting, especially during the sales. What I really like about those patterned stockings is that they can alter your look completely, without costing all that much. It's much more affordable to acquire a large collection of different stockings, than dresses!
Anyway, due to lack of time I have only one picture to share for this theme. It's the one from my previous post (the Halloween outfit I wore yesterday), which I brightened a little. I'm wearing my favourite baroque-print stockings here:

Stockings: red on black baroque pattern from V&D
Lace dress: Velvet kitten
High heeled boots: Dr.Martens
Wool cardigan: H&M
Bat necklace: Alchemy Gothic (planning on selling this one! Contact me if interested :))
Red lipstick: Illamasqua

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  1. Those are beautiful! Apparently, I must shop in all the wrong places because I can NEVER find nice tights like those! ;o)

    1. We happen to have a shop specialized in very original stockings in my town, so i guess I'm lucky. :)Perhaps you should try to look for them online? This is a really great website for stockings:
      I don't know if they ship internationally though.

    2. I don't know if I should even check whether they ship internationally or not.. At first glance, I saw at least a half dozen pairs I think I need. I'd be broke in no time! :D

  2. You look gorgeous, as always. Great find on those tights. We have a couple of good stores in LA that specialize in leg wear - the are heaven!! :) Ooh, those boots, too. I love the high-heeled, patent Docs.

  3. Must say that I too am a huge fan of different stockings, and might have collected quite a few different. But it's always such a shame that they break so easily! And when they break.. you can't find a new pair of the same kind anymore...

    Nice looking clothes too!

  4. Loved all the mix of texture of your outfit! I've tagged you.. check it ou my blog later :)


  5. hello! I have a surprise for you in my blog, you will like!