woensdag 5 september 2012

Pretty New Headband from SuirenWaterLily

I recently ordered a beautiful knit headband from Emi at SuirenWaterLily. It looks great with long hair and instantly makes ones hairdo much more exciting. Emi has different colors and designs to choose from and also makes other knit accessories. I’m eager to try her parandis as well, which especially look great in braids.

Emi is planning to make some headbands in a darker, gothic style in the near future. Definitely something to look forward to! Keep an eye on her Etsy site or her blog if you’re interested.

The headbands keep ones head warm (the thinner ones are also perfect for summer) and help to cover up oily hair, a big plus for someone with my hairtype! The wool is of good quality and the knitting flawless. The headbands can be closed in the neck with a button of ones own choice.

I haven’t worn headbands very often before, so I still need to practise different styles a bit. This is my first, simple attempt. I think the headband looks great with updos!
The pictures are a bit blurry, because they were taken at dusk. My boyfriend says the headband gives me a bit of a 1920's look. What do you think?

Wine red headband: SuirenWaterLily
Hair fork: Ravenslair (Etsy)
Lace top: Vive Maria
Cardigan: H&M
Key necklace: SIX
Skirt: don't remember
Shoes: Clarks (New ones! So glad to have found wine red shoes in my size!)

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    1. Ik ben helemaal gek van deze kleur op het moment! Het is altijd al mijn lievelingskleur geweest, maar eindelijk is er (ook in de winkels) vanalles in te krijgen. Vorig jaar heb ik me suf gezocht. :)

  2. The head band looks really nice on you, I wish I could wear head bands but my hair is too straight and sleek, head bands always fall out...

    1. Thanks! :) With other headbands I also have this sliding problem, but these ones stay put really well because of the wool. It's also an advantage that they are custom made, so they fit ones head circumference perfectly.

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  5. Great!!
    i love the look