dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Beach bbq outfit

Tonight I'm going to Scheveningen for a barbeque at the beach with friends. It's also Joyce's (Beauty & Metal) birthday,  so I felt I had a good excuse to put some extra effort into today's outfit. :) I wanted to look dark, but a little exotic and beach-proof at the same time. The weather is all right but not good enough for a bikini, so I chose lots of laces instead. They are always pretty and not as suffocating as other black fabrics. The flowers in my hair are meant to look a little Mexican. I don't know if I succeeded, but I like the result anyway. :)

In case it gets colder at night, I will be wearing the scarf from the third picture, which I made from a lovely sheer fabric last week. There are a lot more flowers in my hair than one can see from the front. It's fun to add lots and create a really big hairdo. I need more of them!

-top: Vive Maria
-bracelet: Noosa
-skirt: Hema
- flowers: H&M
- legging: V&D
- nail polish: 'scorn' by Illamasqua (matte black)
- earrings: Alchemy Gothic
- scarf: hand-made

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The top is so beautiful with the lace neckline! It would be a shame if it got cold and you had to hide it but the scarf is also nice, it has a lovely print and the pom-pom trim is cute.

    1. Thanks! The top is a new favourite. :) We were really lucky to have a warm evening yesterday. I didn't have to wear the scarf until I went home.